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  • Captain George Frederick Handel Gracey brings a specialised knowledge of service as Overseas Delegate and a ripe experience in social work at home and abroad.

  • As a younger man Gracey had been an industrial missionary to the Armenians. After ten years in this vocation, he was caught in the maelstrom of the First World War.

  • Capt. George Frederick Handel Gracey became a member of the American relief expedition to the Caucasus to assist the 200,000 Armenians who fled from Turkey to Russia in 1915.

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  • Samuel Stevenson, (son of Edward Stevenson) from Derrycaw, married Anne Wright (daughter of William Wright) at Tartaraghan Church of Ireland in 1875

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  • To die on St. Patrick's Day, as Captain George Frederick Handel Gracey did, may be counted an interesting coincidence for an Irishman.

  • The possible origins of the Gracey name and a genealogy resource of the families in Ireland.

  • The Eggleton family from South Creake, Norfolk, England imigrating to Wayne County, PA. and their marriages into the Darling, Ewain, Lake, Gager, Shuman and Young families.

  • The Laws/Lawes famililes of South Creake and Syderstone, Norfolk, England and their connections to the Eggleton and Lake families.

  • The Search for Leslie Surgenor

  • Some history on selected churches of north Norfolk.

  • A list of old ilnesses often recorded as cause of death on death registrations or other documentation.

  • A list to help understand those old understand those old historical occupations not used in our modern world.

  • The origins of the Surgeoner name and it's variations in Scotland and Ireland. A wealth of research available on the Surgeoner name and it's variations.

  • My Eggleton (Eagleson) genealogy from Norfolk, England, Belfast, Ireland to Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Belfast includes Malvern Street and Fox Street families.

  • A brief history of our Gracey ancestry in Belfast aimed at finding genealogy links with fellow Gracey researchers.

  • A brief history of our Smiley / Smyley genealogy and family history in Ireland

  • This is where the origins of my mother in laws Stevenson ancestry comes from. Her oldest ancestor I know of at present here is that of Edward Stevenson who I believe lies buried in Milltown Churchyard.

  • Members of the Save the Children Fund Council and staff gathered for a presentation to Captain George F. Gracey, DSO, on his retirement from the post of general secretary.

  • A comparison of Family Tree Maker 2012, Rootsmagic V6 and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 genealogy software and how they manage places, mapping and geocoding.

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  • Independant reviews of Rootsmagic and other genealogy software, the positive features and where in our opinion improvements and enhancements could be made.

  • Here are some thoughts and observations on how the new Rootsmagic version 4 Media Gallery could be enhanced to work better for genealogy enthusiasts.

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  • A brief history of our Smiley / Smyley family history and genealogy in and around Belfast, Ireland.

  • The Eggleton family settling to a new life in Wayne County, Pennsylvania and their associations with the Darling, Ewain, Gager, Lake, Shuman and Young families.

  • The Eggleton family history and an account of the emigration from Norfolk, England to Wayne County, Pennslyvania

  • A genealogy resource of the Eggleton, Surgeoner, Smiley and Gracey families in Ireland and the origins of those family names.

  • My genealogy search for the so far elusive connection between the Gracey family and the Thompson and McGrady family of Ballynaris, Dromore.

  • Looking for descendents of Annie Mcgreevy Dombos who emigrated to Kalamazoo, Michigan, (MI) sometime around the 1940's or 50's having became a GI bride to Dombos.

  • The Surgeoner families of Ballyclare and Scotland

  • The Thompson farm at Ballynaris near Magherabeg and it's possible connections with the Smiley and Gracey families.