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The Stevensons of Derrycaw, Tartaraghan, Co Armagh

This is where the origins of my mother in laws Stevenson ancestry comes from. Her oldest ancestor I know of at present here is that of Edward Stevenson who I believe lies buried in Milltown Churchyard.

Edward Stevenson of Derrycaw had a son, Samuel Stevenson was born some time before 1855. Samuel Stevenson married Anne Wright in the year 1875 at Tartaraghan. Samuel was a cabinet maker at the time living at Derrycaw while Anne was living at Derrykeevan. Samuel Stevenson and Anne Wright had at least the following children:

  • Samuel Stevenson, born on 26 Apr 1880 at Curran Street, Portadown. Co Armagh. 

Samuel was also a cabinet maker like his father and later married Agnes Wilson in the year 1900 at Queens Street Methodist Church, Lurgan. Samuel was living at William Street in Portadown at that time while Agnes Wilson, who was born on County Tyrone, was living at Carlton Street.

Samuel Stevenson and Agnes Wilson had the following children:

  • Samuel Stevenson, born on 30 Jun 1900, Lurgacullion, Killeeshil, Co Tyrone. 
  • Harold Stevenson, born on 28 Mar 1902 in Portadown area. 

Third Generation

Samuel Stevenson (Samuel-2, Samuel-1) was born on 30 Jun 1900 in Lurgacullion, Killeeshil, County Tyrone. He lived at William Street Portadown in 1901. Samuel married Elizabeth Willis (daughter of William Willis and Sarah Halliday) and moved to Belfast where the family continued.

If any fellow researchers our ther have information on the Stevenson family in and around Milltown and Tartaraghan then I would be very happy to hear from them.



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