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Eggleton - Darling families in Wayne County

eggleton-lake-farm-lookoutThe Eggleton genealogy in Wayne County only began around 1871 when the family emigrated from Norfolk, England. The earliest record of the Eggleton family in Wayne County was when the 1880 census was taken and they were found living in the Damascus township. At that time the family of James and Phebe Darling were also found living in close proximity and appearing only a few pages away on the census return.

Some years later Minnie Darling, daughter of James and Phebe, would marry James Eggleton, son of Robert and Lydia Eggleton.

James and Minnie would have around seven children including Charles, Mable, Leroy, Emily, James, Martha and Mahala. James and Minnie appeared in Damascus right up to 1910 but then appeared in Dyberry on the 1920 census return followed by Benton, Lackawanna on the 1930 return.

Eggleton - Ewain families in Wayne County

John Ewain was born around 1857 in Pennsylvania and later came to marry Hagia Eggleton, daughter of Robert and Lydia Eggleton. John and Hagai had at least three children that I know of, Frank, William and Lydia.

Hagai died around 1910 and John remarried to Oma Lord. John died himself around 1923 and is buried in the area.

To the best of my knowledge William died relatively young around the age of 17 and I do not know of the fate of Lydia at this point. Lydia was most likely named after Lydia Prudence Armiger.

Frank, however, married Lucy Branning and had at least one child, Icle Ewain. Icle in turn married Edwin Houghtaling and remained in the area until her own death in 1996.

Eggleton - Gager families in Wayne County

At this point I am unsure of the complete connection between the Eggleton and Gager families in Wayne County. I am in possesion of a photograph of Leslie Eggleton with Iva and Ginsie? Gager and I suspect there was later a marriage in the family.

The Gagers appear to be one of the first settlers in Wayne county coming from Connecticut into Wayne around 1815 shortly after the formation of the county. That settler was David Gager who was the brother in law of Joseph Bass. David settled in the area that was later to become the Lebanon township and it is safe to presume the later generations of Gager descended from him.

Eggleton - Lake families in Wayne County.

William Lake was born around 1841 in South Creake, Norfolk, England. William married Honor Elizabeth Eggleton around 1870 in England and they had the following children :-

  • Honor Lake Eggleton - born 1870 in Norfolk, England and died 1873 in England. 
  • Sarah E Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1874 and later married Joseph H Mawdsley (Maudsley) 
  • Honor Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1876. 
  • Robert Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1878. 
  • Welcome Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1881 and died 1906. 
  • William Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1883 and later married Sarah. 
  • Harold Noah Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1886 and later married Mary H before 1920. 
  • Herbert Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1888 and married Ada E, before 1919. 

Second Generation

Sarah E Lake (daughter of William and Honor) was born around 1874 Pennsylvania. Sarah E Lake and Joseph H Mawdsley were married around 1899. Joseph H Mawdsley would have been born around 1859 and he died in 1915 at the age of 56 years. Sarah died in 1943 and they are both buried locally.

Sarah E Lake and Joseph H Mawdsley had the following children: -

  • Thomas Mawdsley - born around 1901. 
  • Emma Mawdsley - born around 1905. 
  • Lela Mawdsley - born around 1907 at a farm at Lookout. 

Lela moved away from Wayne County to Poughkeepsie, New York and only died in 2005 at the grand old age of 97 years. Lela embarked on researching the family history many years before computers and I am endebted to her for her work and research. I would have loved to have met Lela but that was not to be as in 2005 I did not know anything of the Eggleton connection in Wayne County. I did not discover that connection until Christmas 2006 so did not get to visit the area until 2007.

William Lake - (1883 to 1947) married Sarah who would have been born around 1892 and they had at least one child :-

  • Floyd Lake - born Pennsylvania around 1909. 

Harold Noah Lake (son of William) was born around 1886 in Pennsylvania. Harold married Mary H sometime before 1920 and they appear to have moved away from Wayne County to Carbondale, Lackawanna.

Harold Noah Lake and Mary H had the following children:-

  • Eleanor Lake - born around 1921 in Pennsylvania. 
  • Marion Lake - born around 1929 in Pennsylvania. 

Herbert Lake (son of William) was born around 1888 in Pennsylvania. Herbert married Ada E sometime before 1919 and they later moved away from Wayne County to Hamilton, Madison, New York.

Herbert Lake and Ada E had the following children:

  • Leona Lake - born around 1919. 
  • Robert E Lake - Born around 1922. 

Eggleton - Shuman families of Wayne County

Albert J Shuman was born around 1849 in Pennsylvania. Albert married Mary Jane Eggleton (daughter of Robert and Lydia) sometime before 1874. Albert J Shuman and Mary Jane had the following children :-

  • Elizabeth Shuman - born around 1874 in Pennsylvania. 
  • Egbert Shuman - born around 1876 in Pennsylvania. 
  • Robert Shuman - born around 1878 in Pennsylvania. 
  • Fred Shuman - born around 1893 in Pennsylvania. 

Second Generation

Egbert Shuman later married Mary ????? and had the following children :-

  • Leo Shuman - born around 1901. 
  • Mildred Shuman - born around 1903. 
  • Wilbur Shuman - born around 1908. 
  • Mary Shuman - born around 1911. 
  • Garfield Shuman - born around 1915. 

Recently received information has thrown up a marriage between Edgar Shuman and Mamie Swensen around 1900. The year fits and the names are close so it may be this same couple.

Burial location map

I have produced a burial location map for the majority of Wayne County to assist my search if I am lucky enough to get back there. It's in A3 pdf format and covers the townships Berlin, Bethany, Buckingham, Cherry Ridge, Damascus, Dyberry, Honesdale, Lebanon, Manchester, Oregon, Prompton and Texas. The file size is about 1.5meg and it includes 34 burial site locations. If any other researcher wants a copy they can download it here. RIGHT click the link and select "save target as" to save it to your own computer, LEFT click the link if you simply want to view the map.

PLEASE drop me a line or photo if you do happen to come across any of my lot in your search. Name details are on the map - THANKS



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