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Eggleton from Norfolk to Ireland & USA

Village sign outside Bawdeswell where my Eggleton roots seem to have come from before ending up in South Creake. My Eggleton ancestry can be traced back to around the year 1684 and a place called Bawdeswell in Norfolk. Bawdeswell lies about mid way between Norwich and Fakenham in the north of the county. After that the Eggleton family can be found in Stibbard, Fakenham and South Creake. They them emigrated to the Damascus township of Wayne County, Pennsylvanian in August 1871.

I have been researching this family for some time now and would welcome contact from fellow researchers to compare notes and make my research more complete. If you have an interest in this family and would like to compare research please do get in touch.
The family concerned are that of Robert Eggleton (son of Robert Eggleton and Elizabeth Whitesides) and Lydia Prudence Armiger (daughter of Samuel Armiger and Elizabeth Bernard)

They emigrated with their children Honor, Ann, John, Mary Jane, Prudence, James and Hagai. They settled somewhere around Lookout in Wayne County or possibly Tanner Falls. Please see my specific Wayne Co. page for further information on the US side.

eggleton wayne countyAs far as I am aware to this date the family were never to return to Norfolk. Lydia and Robert lie buried in Wayne Co. and various other headstones of the families of descendants can be found in the area including that of the Mawdsley (Maudsley) family.
So really that only leaves me and how the Eaglesons came about in Ireland?. That's not something I am going to publish on a web site but is something I am willing to discuss privately. That being said you would need to be a family member with a genuine reason for wanting to know. 

william robert eaglesonMy grandfather, William Robert Eagleson, and his younger brother, John James Eagleson, grew up in Belfast. I vaguely remember my grandfather but to my knowledge never met his brother John. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah (Sadie) Eagleson who was a daughter of John James Eagleson back around the late 90's and spent part of an afternoon with her.

John James grew up around Fox Street in the lower Newtownards Road area and I believe was a driller in the Belfast shipyard. My grandfather and his brother did not seem to be very close but from youth they grew up in the hard environment of Belfast and lived their own lives on different sides of the City.

John James Eagleson married Ellen Allen and they had 7 children to the best of my knowledge with maybe 6 surviving into adulthood. Although I have never met anyone on that side of the family I remain hopeful of that link being made with someone else with the genealogy bug.

From what I have learnt of the family of John James Eagleson there would now appear to be family connections in Canada and possibly South Africa. You can see how easily a name can spread from the small Belfast beginnings.