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Family Photos

Starting with the two orphaned boys back in 1889 the first is William Robert Eggleton born 1877 in Belfast and lived out his life there. The photo below shows William Robert Eggleton in the centre, not a tall man as you can see, and his grandson Edward Andrews to the right. The person to the left was just a family friend and no other connection.



This is my father, Jack (Jackson) who lived most of his life in Belfast although he often travelled to secure work.

He and his wife Stella emigrated to Canada in 1952 to make a new life but circumstances saw them to return again to Belfast in 1955.

My father died in 1996.




This is my fathers brother Thomas James Eggleton who died in 1966 only 2 years after his father.

Tommy really did not bear any real resemblance to my father that I could spot so it may have come down from another Eggleton generation or his mothers line.



The photo below was taken in 2005 and shows my mother, Stella, myself and my sister Arlene at a celebration of my mothers 80th birthday.




With the exception of the eldest lady who was not an Eggleton by birth, the rest are related to us.

I'm not sure who this guy is at present, it was amongst a number of family photo's with nothing written on the back. With it being an old photo and the person in it being old I feel there is a possibility it may be our great great grandfather Robert.

The first Thomas Eagleson who obviously died before the birth of your father.

Our grandfather.

The old Eggleton family home,


I dont seem to have an image of Mary Janes obit but below is the text:

EAGLESON - September 4 1944 at her residence 44 Malvern Street, Mary J dearly beloved wife of William R Eagleson. Funeral tomorrow Thursday at 2.30 to City Cemetery. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing Husband and sons Jackson and Thomas on active service also her brother and sister and relatives.

EAGLESON - Sept 4 1944 at her residence 44 Malvern Street, Mary J dearly beloved mother of Ruby Andrews. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing daughter and son in law Ruby and Samuel Andrews and Grandchildren 78 Malvern Street.